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  • Before registering a team, please read the details section. By registering a team, you agree with the "Terms of Participation". Once you have successfully registered a team, you can download the data and submit your results.
  • To change the information associated with a team (that is, everything except team name and password), register a new team using the same name and password. The old information will be overwritten.

  • The team URL is optional. You can provide an URL to allow visitors of this website to obtain information about your team or your research. If you provide an URL, your team name in the results section will be a link to the provided URL.
  • The e-mail address that you enter in this form will not be listed anywhere on this website, but will be used to contact you. All other information, including the name and affiliation of the contact person may be listed on this site. In general, we do not allow anonymous registration so you must use your real name and affiliation to register. If you wish to submit anonymously because you want to submit your results, for example, to a conference that requires anonymous submission, please contact mrbrains13@isi.uu.nl first.

  • The data provided may not be used for any purposes other than the MRBrainS13 challenge!

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